My name’s Alyssa, but I usually go by Aly. I’m twenty-five years old. I live in Campbell, NY and have also lived in Lindley, Dryden, Oswego, and Batavia NY. I am the tech manager for TARA, as well as an investigator.

I was a creative writing major in college. I’ve been writing stories since I was nine years old, and I love it. My favorite genres are vampire genre and fan fiction. But, I hate poetry! I received an AA degree from SUNY’s Tompkins Cortland Community College in Dryden and my BA degree from SUNY College at Oswego.

Music is something else I love. Don't get me started talking about music unless you have an hour or two! I’ve gone to too many concerts to count, and I love hearing new bands.

I’ve been paranormal investigating since I was about fourteen. I believe there’s something out there, but I’m quite the skeptic. My first investigation was at Rolling Hills Asylum (under the former owner Lori Carlson), and I've hunted there many times since then. I’ve also done investigations at Eastern State Penitentiary, Valentown Museum, numerous visits to the Gettysburg battlefields, The Sullivans battleship at the Buffalo Naval Yards, Historic Palmyra, Marjim Manor, The Brick, Bath National Cemetery, and various other secluded cemeteries and residences. My family has visited Gettysburg three times - for both the physical history and paranormal investigations. I've taken Ghost Hunting 101 & 201 and "Videography Under No-Light and Low-Light Conditions" classes at Rolling Hills, as well as various informational workshops given by paranormal celebrities at a Darkness Radio paranormal event.

I seem to have the gift of taking some interesting pictures while investigating. On one of my first investigations at Rolling Hills, I took a picture in the infirmary of two young women reflected in one of the windows. At Valentown Museum, I took a picture when my dad heard a noise on the back stairs and captured a great shot of a shadow man standing on the 3rd floor landing. Gettysburg didn't disappoint either - it never does! - when I took a picture of what appears to be an officer in hat and dress coat standing in the window of the Twin Sycamore House.

I hope that as a member of the TARA team, my hunting scope will broaden even more.