Hello, You! My name is Cari. I am 22 years old, and I am the Case Manager for TARA, as well as a psychic intuitive. I am a a recent graduate of the MarJon School of Beauty in Tonawanda, NY, and am a stylist at a salon in Cortland, NY. I also have certificates in Digital Media and Visual Communications. My passion in life is creating hair and makeup masterpieces, as well as dabbling heavily in photography and urban exploration. I’m currently a resident of Cortland, NY , but my wanderlust is calling and I know it will take me to exciting, far away places in the near future.

You may think I am young, but I am an old soul with many lives. And, I’ve been seeing and interacting with spirits since I was only three years old. As I grew up, I became even more interested in everything paranormal. I’ve been actively doing paranormal investigations since I was 11 years old, at locations such as Rolling Hills Asylum (under the former owner Lori Carlson, and for more times than I can count!), Eastern State Penitentiary, Valentown Museum, numerous visits to the Gettysburg battlefields, The Polish Cadet Club, Historic Palmyra, Marjim Manor, The Brick, Bath National Cemetery, and various other secluded cemeteries and residences. TARA is the second para team I’ve belonged to, and I support our team investigations using my divining rods, my Nikon DSLR, and my senses to help TARA investigate and gather paranormal evidence.

As a member of TARA, I hope to find definite proof of the afterlife, expanding my abilities and expertise along the way, as well as help anyone who feels scared, confused, threatened, or just feels like they need some help.