Hello from Danyelle! I am 22 years old and am an investigator and pendulum adept with TARA. I joined TARA in February 2015. I am originally from Liverpool, NY, but now live in Cortland, NY and recently graduated from MarJon School of Beauty.

I have had an interest in the paranormal since my aunt died a few years ago. I saw her and communicated with her soon after that. I have been a guest investigator with TARA twice - as the team investigated at an old, abandoned cemetery and did a walk-through of an old poorhouse with known activity. In the poorhouse, I was grabbed in the leg and experienced empathetic feelings with a spirit there. This was a new experience for me. Because of this, I am excited about joining the team. The apartment I live in is showing its paranormal side, and I’m now very intrigued about learning more about communicating with the spirits in this home. I would like to investigate at different types of locations and, hopefully, find evidence of and communicate with different types of spirits.

I’m honing my skills my own using a rose quartz pendulum for spirit communication, and I hope to expand my knowledge to other types of communication and evidence collection. 

As a new member of the TARA team, my goal is to gain a better understanding of what lies beyond this life.