Hi, I'm Lisa. :)  I'm 34 years old, and am an Investigator-in-Training with TARA Team. I am a stay-at-home mom living in Atlanta, NY with two sons and four step-children who keep me very busy, but I carve out time to investigate with TARA Team.

I have had quite a few paranormal experiences throughout life, so I have always been a believer. I've had a shadow figure attached to me since I was younger - I think it is my grandpa watching over me. 

At a friend's house as a teen, we kept hearing footsteps, and investigated looking all around the house. We even checked in on my friend's twin brothers, because we really thought the footsteps belonged to them. The boys were both sound asleep. Next, we heard banging out in the old garage/barn. We went out there to check it out, and found nothing out of the ordinary. There was no wind at the time to cause the banging. We turned towards the cornfield and saw a white apparition looking at us from in there. We ran inside my friend's house and locked the doors and windows. After that experience, I would never walk that side of the hill at night. I just always had that feeling of being watched from that cornfield.

Whether experiences just happened to me or were the result of going on a couple of investigations in a haunted location as a guest of TARA Team, I've seen spirits,shadows, and faces. I've heard music and voices where there should be none, as well as hearing heavy breathing when all that was behind me was a stone wall. Some of these experiences were startling at the time, and very unexpected, but they each have taught me a little bit more about spirits - how they can manifest and how they can communicate with us.

As a new member of the TARA team, my goals are to learn how to use the equipment - both new technology as well as the old-school ways - and experience more investigations in different types of buildings. All of this is with the ultimate goal of learning more about what is across the veil.