Hello from Robyn! I am 24 years old, and I am the newest investigator-in-training with TARA. I attended Liverpool High School in Liverpool, NY, and currently own a work-at-home business. I enjoy reading and anything Star Wars. Well.... and bacon.... definitely bacon.

Being a team member of TARA will help me to round out experiences I've had all my life. I have always seen dark shadows - shadow people - and could feel their presence even before seeing them. This summer I joined the TARA Team as a guest on a daytime investigation at an undisclosed haunted location ,and I found I was quite sensitive to the spirits there, particularly one little 8-year-old girl. This brave, scared little girl showed me by vision how a "bad man" had chased her through the basement. She ran into a walk-in refrigerator in the basement to get away from him, only to have her to hit her head on the wall rendering her unconscious. He didn't want anyone to know what his intentions had been with her had he caught her, so he left her there to die. He made himself known later during a session with a copper pendulum, and we had to be firm and use some powerful energies to push him away.

In my training with the TARA Team, I want to learn how to use and interpret the evidence gleened from basic paranormal equipment. As I join TARA on their adventures, my goals are to learn as much as I can about the afterlife and help people who feel bothered by ghosts and spirits be more at peace.