Hi! This is Steve. I’m the lead investigator for TARA. For money-earning purposes, I work for a local company that makes industrial gas and air compressors. On my off time, I enjoy collecting Jeff Gordon memorabilia, fishing (when I get a chance!) and farming on Farmville. I’ve been told I have some of the best Farmville farms around!

However, one of my real passions is paranormal investigation. I’ve had paranormal experiences throughout my life, but just started doing some serious investigating in 2006. I’ve investigated at Rolling Hills in East Bethany, NY, in public investigations, teen hunts, and as a member of the Rolling Hills Paranormal Research Society while under the ownership of Lori Carlson. I’ve also participated in paranormal investigations at Valentown Museum, Eastern State Penitentiary, the Polish Cadet Club, Mt. Hope Cemetery, Historical Palmyra, Marjim Manor, The Brick, Gettysburg, PA, residential homes, and other undisclosed cemeteries. I’ve had a lot of personal experiences in these locations, as well as in my own home. I’ve been touched, shoved, scratched and whispered to. I’ve seen shadow people, white child apparitions, and full-color apparitions. I’ve gotten EVPs from sad spirits, funny spirits, and ticked-off spirits. My most memorable paranormal experiences include being punched by a spirit so hard it left a bruise about 4-5” in diameter, seeing “Jordan”, the spirit of a little boy who visited our house (he’s since moved on), and being with team members at RH, surrounded by so many spirits the hallway where we sat was pitch black – but very calm and serene like they were as curious of us as we were of them.

During my paranormal journey, I’ve taken Ghost Hunting 101 and 201 classes at Rolling Hills, as well as various other workshops led by paranormal celebrities at a Darkness Radio event. Along with my wife, I was also the co-leader of the Southern Division of NYX Paranormal. I look forward to being an active, contributing member of TARA.