I’m Tami, the owner of The AfterLife Research Agency (TARA). I live in a small town in the Finger Lakes region of New York, with my husband Steve, daughter Aly, and eight black cats. By day I work in HR Communications, but my nights belong to my family, my books, nature…and the paranormal.

I was an avid investigator at Rolling Hills (RH) in East Bethany, NY, under the former owner Lori Carlson, and joined her Rolling Hills Paranormal Research Society along with my hubby Steve. We have investigated at RH in the public investigations, teen hunts, and Society investigations – probably a total of 30 or 40 investigations in all. Some of my more memorable experiences at RH include watching a very solid 6’ to 7’ shadow man stride down the hallway toward Steve and me, only to dissipate about 4’ from where we stood, and getting grabbed on the side under my left arm just after a spirit used my diving rods to indicate that was where he was standing. During one investigation at RH, I was in the Rec Room using my divining rods to communicate with the grandfather of another investigator, during which time my rods shook uncontrollably. This had never happened to me. I asked the investigator if her grandfather shook. She stared at me with her mouth hanging open and told me he had Parkinson’s disease!

I’ve also been part of investigations at Valentown Museum, Eastern State Penitentiary, the Polish Cadet Club, Mt. Hope Cemetery in Rochester, NY, Bath National Cemetery, St. Mary’s Cemetery and, Hope Cemetery in Corning, NY, Historic Palmyra, Marjim Manor, The Brick, Gettysburg, PA, residential homes, and other undisclosed locations. I’m not psychic, but I’ve found that the more I investigate my sixth sense has heightened. I’ve even had some empathic experiences, getting vibes from locations such as abandoned buildings filled with tragedy, sites of fatal car crashes, and other locations with high emotional imprints.

It was during the teen hunts at Rolling Hills that our family met Scott Schultz and his daughters, the owners of NYX Paranormal from Buffalo, NY. The human members of our family live by the motto “the family who hunts ghosts together, stays together,” so our family joined NYX Paranormal and learned some valuable investigative techniques from Scott and his team. We will always be grateful for our experiences and education as members of NYX.

As much as we enjoyed being part of the NYX team, we sought to create our own team based in our own neck of the woods. Thus, The AfterLife Research Agency (TARA) was born. I look forward to investigating more with my TARA team as we help concerned members of the public learn more about their own experiences, participate in investigations at known haunted locations, and increase our own knowledge about the paranormal through workshops, from each other, and our own experiences.